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A Growable Network Information System



Release Notes - Getting Started - Technical Resources - Mapping and Translation - Miscellaneous



Release Notes

Current AGNIS Release Notes are now available on the AGNIS Development Site


Getting Started

AGNIS Business Scenarios
Describes possible patterns for adoption of AGNIS and the associated resources and efforts. (pdf document, updated 2013-04-17, 486KB)

AGNIS Certification for Forms
Overview of the criteria required to be certified to submit or retrieve AGNIS supported forms, to or from the FormsNet3 production environment. (pdf document, updated 2019-07-16, 205KB)

AGNIS Quick Start Document
A guide designed to give you the basics on how to set up and connect to our development environment. (pdf document, updated 2014-12-10, 611KB)

AGNIS Service
An overview of the current grid service. (pdf document, updated 2013-07-29, 276KB)

Technical Resources

Data Dictionary
Schematic, model and UML diagrams. (pdf document, updated 2013-03-25, 892KB)

AGNIS Data Submission Procedures
Description of the XML messages for electronically submitting and maintaining forms via AGNIS. (pdf document, updated 2013-03-19, 513KB)

Using SoapUI With AGNIS
Offers basic information about soapUI (a free and open-source software package for inspecting and testing web services), and provides examples to illustrate usage of the AGNIS web service. (pdf document, updated 2015-11-17, 362KB)

Mapping and Translation

Form 2900 Mapping
Data element mapping for the 2900 form. (excel spreadsheet, updated 2010-06-11, 124KB)
Description of how caDSR metadata can be used to build AGNIS messages. (pdf document, updated 2010-06-17, 5102KB)

caCore and caDSR
Introduction to the caCore infrastructure and the caDSR. (pdf document, updated 2009-04-01, 608KB)

Metadata Tool
Metadata Tool -- used to query caDSR to retrieve metadata useful to generate mappings from local data elements to CDE representations. (zip file, updated 2017-01-31, 34MB) 

Metadata Tool User Guide
Metadata Tool User Guide. (pdf file, updated 2015-01-15, 370KB)


Open Source License
The applications open source license agreement. (text file, updated 2007-10-24, 12KB)
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