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A Growable Network Information System

Frequently Asked Questions


What is AGNIS?
How can it help my organization?
What forms are supported?
What does it cost?
What is required to set up AGNIS at my site?
What platforms will AGNIS run on?
How do I get the source code?
How do I get additional assistance? 


Q: What is AGNIS? 

A: AGNIS is an open source peer-to-peer messaging system which communicates hematopoietic stem cell transplant data using a secure, standards based system.

Q: How can it help my organization? 

A: If you are a transplant center wishing to submit recipient outcomes data to CIBMTR, then AGNIS can help you to submit data directly from your database rather than having to fill out paper forms. It can also aid you in submission of partial forms data where your staff can then use the FormsNet™ application to complete the form.  AGNIS can also be used to retrieve recipient form data that was entered using the FormsNet™ application.

 Q: What forms are supported? 

A: With AGNIS your institution will be able to electronically submit and retrieve 15 CIBMTR recipient outcome forms. 

Mandated TED-track forms:

  • 2400 (pre-TED)
  • 2004 (Infectious Disease Markers)
  • 2005 (HLA Typing)
  • 2450 (post-TED)
  • 2006 (Infusion)
  • 2451 (Chimerism)
  • 2455 (Selected Post-TED)

Comprehensive Forms:

  • 2000 (Baseline Follow-up)
  • 2100 (100 day Follow-up)
  • 2200 (6 mo to 2 year Follow-up)
  • 2300 (Annual Follow-up)
  • 2900 (recipient death)
Disease Specific Insert Forms:
  • 2018 (Pre-HSCT Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)
  • 2118 (Post-HSCT Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)
Also supported:
  • 2804 (Unique ID Assignment Form) 
The current status of each Form Revision supported by AGNIS can be found on our AGNIS Development Site  

 Q: What does it cost? 

A: The AGNIS application is freely available. There are no costs or fees for the application. There will be an initial up front cost to your organization to set up your servers and to map database elements to caDSR common data elements. An Internet connection is also required.

Q: What is required to set up AGNIS at my site? 

A: First, download the software from the "Downloads" section of this site. You will also want to make yourself familiar with the technical documentation. Mapping spreadsheets will aid you in mapping your database columns to the common data elements used by AGNIS for communication of forms data. This is not a fast process the first time so allow time to do this step. Once you have AGNIS installed correctly on your server you will be able to request access to submit data by using an admin utility.

Q: What platforms will AGNIS run on? 

A: AGNIS is written in Java and will therefore run on any major computing platform including UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. You will need to download the source and compile it on your machine.

Q: How do I get the source code? 

A: Go to the "Downloads" section on this site where you will find directions on how to get a copy of the source code.

Q: How do I get additional assistance? 

A: After downloading the software you will be given contact information to aid you in the set up of the software at your site. Or if have additional questions you can contact us.

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